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  Irrigation systems design questionnaire
Dear potential customer, thank you for contacting
In order to offer you a professional and reliable consultancy, design and complete irrigation system project, we would like to receive all the relevant data concerning your irrigation project. design team


Type of crop 

Area to be irrigated
Acres or Hectares

Crop Density
Layout help chart

Distance between rows or bed centers:

Distance between plants or trees:

Number of planted rows per bed:


Beds effective width:

Desired Irrigation Method 

Water Consumption
liters per plant per day,
or mm/ day or inches/day

Soil type definition


Available Water sources and volume

M3/Day or Gallon/Day

Water tank and its volume?

Existing Pump
Flow rate:
L/H or GPM

Bar or PSI


Required fertigation:

Fertilizers injection pump, 
Pressure Fertilizers Tank  

Possible Irrigation operation time

Maximum available hours per day

Maximum available days per week

Customer notes:
Very Important

After you press the submit button a copy will be send to your email.
For a comprehensive irrigation design, we advise you try to send us also a Map (or sketch) and Layout, illustrating the field dimensions, topography, water sources, roads, buildings, etc. If possible, please attach photographs.
We can read and analyze the following file formats: PDF, Tiff, DWG, DXF
 Also Soil & water analysis (if you have one) please send it all to:


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Alternatively you can  Download irrigation design form as a word doc  or   Descarga formularion para diseño de riego

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