Sprinklers & Micro Sprinklers

Irrigationglobal.com Sprinklers and Micro Sprinklers Designed for varied crops, our modular sprinklers and micro-sprinklers/emitters are among the most reliable and durable in the market.


Mini sprinkler Rondo

The Rondo and Rondo Flow Rgulated RFR Micro Sprinkler has all of the great features of the standard Rondo Micro Sprinkler with the added feature of flow regulation, delivering constant flow rate under the most challenging topographical conditions.And because the RFR Micro Sprinklers have low application rates and gentle droplets, growers reduce run-off on penetrable soils. Add an anti-insect cup and help protect the sprinklers from clogging caused by insects. Rondo & RFR assembly alternatives

Midi Sprinkler Super XL

The Rivulis Super XL Sprinkler is a slow rotating rotor sprinkler which produces a single, continuous jet stream of water, Because of the continuous stream, the Rivulis XL Sprinkler creates a uniform wetting pattern in the field, Easy to assemble and dismantle, the Rivulis Super XL sprinkler allows efficient installation and maintenance.