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Welcome to the on-line irrigation systems store! We provide professional consultation services and top brand irrigation equipment at direct sale. helps growers get more out of their crops. We are your reliable source for Drip and Sprinkler irrigation equipment as well as Filtration and Control equipment. We ship around the globe directly from manufacturers, so we are able to offer you competitive pricing. Irrigation resellers are welcomed as well. Contact us

Supertif FR Dripper


Disc Filters


Mini sprinkler Rondo


Semi Automatic Filters


Hydrogol Integral drip line


DripKits Do It yourself


Katif PC low profile Dripper


Volumetric Auto Valves


Dripline Valve Micro


Barb & Ring Connectors


Fertilizers Injectors Amiad


Dripper Stabilizer Dripeg


Air & Vacuum Valves


Pressure Reducers


e1000 Button dripper


Hydro PC Dripline


Compression fittings for PE


Micro Sprinkler S2000


Midi Sprinkler Super XL


Multi Outlet Drip Assembly


Fittings Threaded PP


Pressure Regulation Valves


Ray-Jet Sprayer Tornado


Screen Filters Irrigation


Sigma screen filters


Spin Klin Filtration


Super Drip Line Hydrodrip