Connectors & Pipes

Plastic threaded and compression fittings - Barbed and special tape connectors clamp saddles. LDPE pipes 5mm to 20mm

A full catalog of all our Driplines and Driptapes Connectors and Fittings


Micro Fittings 3x5 & Tubes for Drip Irrigation

Micro fittings 3x5 & tubes for drip irrigation
Drip Micro fittings Match 3x5 mm microtubes available with barbed or threaded outlets: Start adapter - Single outlet adapters - Two-outlet adapters - Four-outlet adapters - and more.3x5 PE Microtubes can be ordered from here in black and white colors.

Progrip and Fast Connectors
High quality drip line connectors Suitable for 6–25 mil (0.15–0.64 mm) seamless drip lines including D1000, D5000 and Hydrodrip. Also for any Tape or flat drip lines with walls between 0.15 to 0.64 mm. 

Barbed connectors and accessories for P.E. LD pipe
Injected polypropylene barbed connectors for PE, Polyethylene  Low Density plastic pipes, our barbed connectors are specially designed for joining low density polyethylene pipes with a working pressure of up to 8 bar, available in sizes 8 to 20 mm.

Plasson Compression Fittings for PE
IG Metric Compression fittings for  Polyethylene Pipe
20 mm to 63 mm - 16 Bar - 1600 kpa (230psi)
75mm to 110mm - 10 Bar - 1000 Kpa (145psi)
For use with MDPE pipes that comply with AS/NZS 4130
Connect to metal and plastic accessories with BSPT threads

Clamp Saddles HDPE & PVC Clamp Saddles Pipes Agriculture irrigation systems saddle line is specially designed for allow exit from PE and PVC pipes with a working pressure of up to 10 bar, available in sizes 25-160. The saddles are perfectly watertight, extremely simple to use, easy and fast to reuse, frost proof, suitable for use in direct sunlight and highly impact resistant.
PP Threaded Fittings
High Quality Threaded Fittings Pipes Materials: PP, Threads: BSPT Max. working pressure: 16 kg/cm2, Fertilizer resistant.
PVC threaded risers
High quality machined pvc sprinkler and control heads risers.
Quality sprinkler risers

Low density polyethylene pipes for irrigation systems For irrigation systems and potable water distribution.
Excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.Low depreciation and maintenance costs (life-span of 100 years. DIN 8074) A wide range of fittings and accessories available. Low temperature resistance – pipes remain intact and undamaged even after freezing.