Order on-line irrigation equipment directly from the world’s experts.
We sell and deliver equipment from all leading manufacturers.

Irrigation Outlet Store. Irrigationglobal.com, Is acting as the major Israeli irrigation equipment manufacturers Factory Outlet Store. We are an Israeli Irrigation Company, have over 30 years of expertise in Irrigation Projects, Equipment, Consulting and Marketing worldwide.  Irrigation Global will assist you, the Irrigation Consumer, to choose and purchase the best irrigation Equipment available on-line. The online order will be shipped to you directly, from the world leading Irrigation Equipment Manufacturers.

Our team of Irrigation Experts will assist you in composing a complete irrigation system.

Irrigation Planning services are also available.

Irrigation Emitters: Drippers, Integral drip lines, Sprinklers, Mini Sprinklers.

Special components: Screen and disc Filters, Water Valves, Water Meters, Fertilization Pumps and Tanks, Water Pumps, Irrigation Control units.

Piping: PE, PVC, Fittings.

Manufacturers: Rivulis Irrigation, Plastro, Amiad, Arkal, Bermad, Arad, Galcon, ALGil, Metzerplas, Yamit, Hunter.
If the required equipment is manufactured and distributed by another party in your area, we will purchase it for you in a competitive price and will deliver it to you in a short time. We have the expertise and experience in adapting quality irrigation equipment to your specific needs answering the highest professional standards.So If you need to get merchandise of any of the following manufacturers, we can help you with that.

We ship around the globe - 12 months manufacturer warranty.

We hope you will enjoy shopping in irrigationglobal.com equipment online shop.
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