Pressure measuring

Pressure Gauge manometer

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Pressure measurement devise. Pressure Gauge

Quality water glycerin protected pressure gauge,
Dial: 2 1/2"
0 to 6.0 bar [0 - 90 PSI]
0 to 10.0 bar [0 - 140 PSI] 
Thread 1/4"

Needle for pressure gauge

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Needle for pressure gauge, 1/4" female thread

Allow measure pressure from multiple water control accessories such as: filters, valves, drip-lines hoses, fertigation units etc. with a single pressure gouge.

Filter clogging indicator assembly

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filter clogging indicator
Unique solution for filter cleaning need indication

This filter clogging indicator show you when the pressure between inlet and outlet of any filter, exceed 0.5 Bar [ 7.0 PSI] By pop-up a red button. [traffic light]

We can equip most of our 1" and above filters with a clogging Indicator that pop-up a red alert cleaning button when cleaning is needed.
Indicator, mini tube and connection 1/4" elbow are all included.

  Filter is clean, no action required 

   Filter is dirty, cleaning required 

clogging indicator, filter is clean  

clogging indicator, cleaning is required 

old cat. no. DKA5.00002

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Pop-up red button filter clogging indicator