Valves & Control

Index for most of our offered Valves and Control solutions

- Manual, Hydraulic and Electric Valves.
- Pressure regulators and reducers
- Air and Vacuum Valves
- Automatic Shut-off valves
- Water meters
- Pressure measuring

AMV & DOSE-O-MAT automatic volumetric metering valves 3/4" to 12" Arad and Bermad

Air Release Valves, Vacuum Valves, ARI
Control Valves, High Performance
Pressure Reducing, Pressure Sustaining, Pressure Regulation, Electrical Valves & Hydraulic Valves. Bermad.
Water meters for Irrigation and water Supply Nets.
All units are equipped with optional pulse transmitters
Plasson Plastic Valves, Plastic Quality Valves,
Valves for Driplines & Micro Sprinklers