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The team is pleased to present you with the most updated “Bermad Spare Parts Ordering Guides and Spare catalogs.
This new Ordering Guide provides a new approach to the subject of spare parts as a whole, permitting the ordering of assembled units and/or packaged kits rather than individual parts.

We believe that the new approach will contribute to higher quality service, lower down-time and minimized stock control & volume.

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350- 3"X3"X3'' &3"X3"X3''/2'' - PLASTIC BODY, ELASTOMERS KIT

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350- 3"X3"X3'' &3"X3"X3''/2'' - PLASTIC BODY, ELASTOMERS KIT


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Get Bermad original elastomer parts kit for 350 series, 3x3x3" or 3x2x2" or 3x3x3x2" plastic body valve for automatic filtration flushing units

900-D-IS0, SECONDARY GEAR Hydrometer AMV Bermad

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Bermad Spare parts
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Get a complete new bermad's hydrometer or amv unit secondary gear assembly no. 136 as appears in bermad spare parts calatalog.