IR-10-900/D [DN250] Automatic Metering Valve (AMV)

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Automatic Shut-Off Metering 2" Valve - Bermad

10" AMV Bermad Integrated All-in-One Control Valve - Saves space, cost and maintenance- Easy Modification to Mechanical Drive Hydrometer- Adaptable to future computerized systems- Hydraulic Batch Control- Line pressure driven- Non-computerized quantity follow-up and control. - IR-10"-900/D#0---G-C-BD-PG--PB-- Typical Applications■ Semi-Automatic Irrigation Systems■ Manual Irrigation - Intended for Computerization■ Distanced and/or Elevated Plots■ Volumetric Irrigation Systems End connections: Flanged ISO-16 ISO-10 ISO-14 (ISO-10/4 Holes) ANSI-125 JIS-10 BST-D pressure rating: 10 bar [145 psi] 16 Bar [232 PSI] model upon request. Minimum Operating Pressure: 0.5 bar [7 psi] Plastic Tubing & Fittings technical data sheet 
Features and Benefits ■ Integrated All-in-One Control Valve ❏ Saves space, cost and maintenance ■ Easy Modification to Mechanical Drive Hydrometer ❏ Adaptable to future computerized systems ■ Hydraulic Batch Control ❏ Line pressure driven ❏ Non-computerized quantity follow-up and control ■ Internal Inlet & Outlet Flow Straighteners ❏ Saves on straightening distances ❏ Maintains accuracy ■ Integrated Flow Metering Calibration Device ❏ Measurement precision to ±2% ■ User-Friendly Design ❏ Easy dose setting ❏ Simple in-line inspection and service