R-20 Eliptix Hydraulic Valves Main Features

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Unique in the R-20 Series Available in sizes up to 8 Separate double chamber for 6-8 valves

Agriculture and Industrial hydraulic Valves R-20 Series

Eliptix R-20 Series

  • Excellent regulating capabilities for a wide range
    of flow rates from drip 500 l/h [2.2 gpm] up to maximum flow
  • Operational from low pressure up to 10 bar [145 psi]
  • Highly reliable operation and durable over time
  • Quick-reaction operation
  • Rapid response to changes in flow rate
  • Designed to reduce cavitation damage
  • Silent operation
  • Low head losses
  • Wide range of connections: Flanged, Threaded, Grooved and PVC SW
  • Simple mechanism
  • Easy in-line maintenance
  • User-friendly

Standard 3way piloting and control:
mainly for agriculture usages, relatively moderate reaction, full valve opening.
for changing pressure in irrigation systems.
Optional 2way pilot: Usually for water systems and industrial usages:
Where a faster reaction is needed, for relatively stable pressure conditions, for low flow rates.

Default Diaphragm 0.4-10 (bar)
Optional Low Pressure Diaphragm 0.2-5.0 (bar)

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