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ADI-P Smartphone Operated Flushing Controller for Single Filter

New controller with smartphone flushing management application

ADI-P Smartphone Operated Controller for Single Filter
Product includes: 
- ADI-P DC Controller,  - 1 BACSOL 12VDC 2W LATCH Solenoid,  - 8 mm Connector, - Bracket for sigma assembly. Amiad’s ADI-P is a Smartphone Operated Controller that controls a single Amiad filter. The ADI-P is available in two main. configurations: An Integrated Component of a new filter or a Standalone Device for controlling an existing filter. The ADI-P system consists of two major components: The ADI-P Controller and the Mobile Flushing Management Application.  ADI Controller brochure, amiad filtration

Amiad's ADI-P controller - a Bluetooth Operated Controller for Controlling a Single Filter.
The system consists of two major components, the ADI-P Controller and the Mobile Application.
The ADI-P controller can be supplied in two different configurations: as an integral component of a new filtration system where the controller is already connected to the filter and configured for that specific filter model or as a stand-alone unit to be connected and configured for an existing installed filter.
This document covers the product's both configurations.
Getting to know the ADI-P Controller:
Take few moments to familiarize yourself with the ADI-P components:

smartphone filter flushing controller adi-p amiad

 1. ADI-P Panel for manual flushing button and indication leds
2. 3-Way 12VDC solenoid latch
3. Solenoid's Manual Operation Handle
4. ADI-P Cover
5. 8 mm Pressure Input