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RFR - Rondo Flow Regulated mini-sprinkler

Rondo and Rondo RFR Assembly alternatives

RFR Provides a constant flow rate over a wide pressure range 
Main features:
- Ensures constant flow rate under the most challenging topographical conditions
- Low irrigation application rate with gentle droplets -
prevents run off on non-penetrable soils
- Bayonet mount nozzles
- Available with anti-insect cup - protects from clogging
caused by insects
- Manufactured from superior durable materials ensuring
- Protected against UV degradation
- Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in
agriculture and

mici sprinkler

irrigation systems

- Flow rates: 23, 30, 41, 53, 70, 95 lph
- Operating pressure range: 1.5-3.5 bar
- 3/8" male threaded nozzle inlet -  accommodates Plastro’s
Meteor collar adaptor #44 or the threaded hammer stake
- Two color-coded spinners for RFR:
  - Gray for upright position
  - Red for inverted position
- Optional: detachable built-in range limiter on the gray
spinner provides a restricted wetting diameter of 50-60 cm

  rondo flow regulated plastro
rondo flow regulated plastro

- Under-tree irrigation on sloping terrain or where long
laterals are required

Rondo flow regulated leaflet

Design technical data Rondo flow regulated


Rondo with range limiter
Rondo with range limiter

RFR RONDO with Anti-insect snap-fit cup
RFR RONDO with Anti-insect snap-fit cup


RFR mini sprinkler
RFR mini sprinkler

3/8" Threaded bayonet nozzle
3/8" Threaded bayonet nozzle

RFR Diaphragm holder
RFR Diaphragm holder

RFR Diaphragm
RFR Diaphragm

RFR Detachable range limiter Wetting diameter: 50-60 cm
Detachable range limiter Wetting diam.: 50-60 cm

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