Mini sigma
Irrigationglobal and Amiad Launches New Sigma Series for Improved Irrigation Filtration

The new range consists of the Mini Sigma (available in three sizes) and Sigma Pro automatic filters, and the ADI-P electronic controller. Alongside Amiad’s existing Media, Disc, Screen and Microfiber filtration solutions, this is offering customers a more complete package for their irrigation filtration requirements.

Key features

Mini Sigma
Compact and modular design – small footprint and various installation configurations
Polymeric filter – corrosion-free – with low water and energy consumption
Designed to handle low water pressure, with a capacity of up to 80m3/h and with filtration degrees from 50-500 micron
Includes Amiad’s unique suction-scanning cleaning technology
Operated by the ADI-P electronic controller

Sigma Pro
Automatic polymeric multi-screen filter with a large screen area while maintaining small footprint
Able to handle any water type
Simple maintenance
ADI-P controller
Amiad’s innovative and user friendly ADI-P electronic controller, which can be linked to a mobile app, for advanced monitoring capabilities and control functionality


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