irrigation products sample box

irrigation sample box

Irrigation products sample box content

Irrigation products display kit in a plastic tool box.
Box is divided into 14 cells.
Box size: 48 cm x 35 cm x 15 cm
150 different irrigation sample components

Irrigation Sample Box Content table

Cevity 1 Tornado
Tornado Ray Jet Cononic 12-Jet
Tornado Ray Jet Threaded 12-Jet
Tornado Ray Jet Threaded 180°, 300°
Tornado Ray Jet Take-Apart
Blue Base F/Tornado W/Pressure re
Cover for Tornado Take Apart 12-Jets
Cover F/Tornado Take Apart 300°
Conic Riser Cap 1/2" F/Tornado

Cevity 2 Rondo
Rondo Ultra Conic, Green Spinner, D.bridge
Rondo Ultra Threaded, Black Spinner, D.bridge
RFR Th 3/8" Gray Spinner with Range Limiter
RFR 3/8" Grey Spinner
Conic Riser Cap 1/2" for Rondo
Black Spinner for Rondo and S2000
Grey Spinner for RFR and S2000 FR
Gray Spinner with Range Limiter
Blue, Green, Purple Spinners for Rondo
Red Spinner for RFR
Black Spinner with Range Limiter
Rondo 180° 3/8"XC.F, Single Bridge
90°, 360°, 2X30° Deflectors for Rondo
Rondo Nozzle 3/8"XC.F
Rondo Nozzles: Ultra Conic, Threaded 5 mm
RFR and JFR Nozzle 3/8

Cevity 3 Foggers and Misters

Tornado Mist Threaded

Rondo Mist Ultra Conic

FLF 2 and 4 Way Fogger

FLF Single Fogger Ass. dark & light blue

Anti Leak H con. FXM, MXF

 Cevity 4 Jet+ and JFR

Jet+ Ultra Threaded 5 mm, 300°

Jet+ 3/8"Xc.f 360°

Jet+ Ultra Conical 360°

JFR 360°

Jet Star Nozzle Threaded 5 mm

Red Range Limter for Jet+ JFR
Deflector Head 180°, 300°, 360°


Cevity 5    8mm Connectors

Mini Punch 3.7 mm

Barbed Brown Coupling 8X8

Barbed Adaptor 8X1/2" Thm*, 8X3/8” Thm*

Barbed Elbow 8 Brown

Barbed Tee 8X8x8 Brown

Cevity 6 Superif, Katif and E1000

Supertif 12, 25 l/h

Supertif 2.2 l/h SLB

Supertif ND 3.85 l/h

Supertif ND SLB 2.2 l/h

Supertif ND 2.2 l/h SOL

Supertif ND High 8 l/h

Supertif NDH 1.6 l/h SOL

Katif Dripper 2.30, 3.75 Side Outlet

Katif Dripper 3 Outlet 8.4 l/h

Katif Dripper 2.30, 3.75 Top Outlet

Plug Katif 2.8 mm

Plug 2 mm (Supertif)

E1000 Tool

E1000 2.0, 4.0, 8.0 l/h


Cevity 7 S2000 and Super XL

S2000 3/8"XCF + Black Spinner

S2000 3/8"XCF+Black Spinner+Range Limitter

S2000 Flow Regulated+Grey Spinner

S2000 Trunk Protector

S2000 Green 75 l/h CF+Black Spinner

Super XL 3/8" Orange + Brown/Green Spinner

Super XL 3/8" Yellow + Brown/Blue Spinner Super XL 1/2" Brown + Brown/Green Spinner


Cevity 8 Meteor

MSA #14 10X12 3/8" THF PP

MSA #44 4X7/5X8 3/8" THF PP

MSA #47 4X7/5X8 3/8" THF PP

MSA #71 3/8 ww-Coni.F F.coni

MSA #17 Pressure regulated 2.5 at.

MSA #46 Pressure regulated 1.5 at.

Meteor 67 1/2 MTH X 3/8 FTH


Cevity 9 Accessories

Multi Outlet Adaptor

3X5 mm Start Connector

1, 2, 4, Outlet F/Tube 3X5mm

Plug 6 mm Red, Plug 8 mm Black

6 mm Male Conic Plunger

4X7 mm Blue Barb Coupling

6 mm Female Conic Plunger

6 mm Flat Barb Plunger

6, 9 mm Plug

9 mm conic Malex12 mm Barbed adaptor

9 mm Flat Barb Plunger

Red Hydroclip for 17 mm ,20 mm

Blue Hydroclip 16 mm

Drop Stopper Mining 16 mm Violet

RIV_MM_Product Sample sheet_R2_EN_W15_0039

Cevity 10 Barb Connectors and Line End

Start Connector 12 mm Black, 16 mm Green

12, 16, 17, 20 Grommet

Coupling 17X17 Green, 12X12 Black

Coupling 20X20 Black, 16X16 Green

Reducing 20X16 Green, 20X17 Green

Reducing 17X16 Green, 16X12 Green

Line End Clamp 12,16,17,20 mm

Cevity 11 (Double Size Cavity) S5000
S5000 HA
Spinner for Impact Sprinkler

Cevity 12Long Stake, Pegs, Driplines ++
Cantad Stake, Cantal Stake

Super Hammer Stake - Inlet 4X7

Impact Sprinkler Field Stand W/O Head-Standard

Metal Rod 8 mm - 20 cm

4 Outlets+White PE 3x5 mm -0.40 m +Dripeg

Black Polytif, Black Dripeg

Gray Snapeg, Gray Barpeg

Bloompeg 8 mm Brown

PE 4x7-40 cm+4X7 blue Cupling

PVC 4X7–35cm+4X7 blue Cupling+6mm M+Weight

HydroBloom PC Green 12 mm

Hydro PC White 12 mm

Hydrobloom Brown 8 mm

Hydrogol Transparent 12 mm

HydroBloom Brown 16 mm

Hydro PC Transparent 16 mm

D2000 Transparent 16 mm

Hydrodrip Transparent 16 mm

D5000 Transparent 16, 22 mm


Cevity 13 (left bottom) - Pro Grip

Pro Grip 5/8 (16 mm) Coupling

Pro Grip Start Connector 5/8 (16 mm)

Pro Grip Start Connector for Layflat 5/8 (16 mm)

Pro Grip Adaptor To PE 16 mm


Cevity 14 (Right Bottom) - Punch

Punch 2, 2.8 mm

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