Drip Irrigation installation in gardens

Recommendations for Drip Irrigation installation in gardens
Installing drip irrigation in your garden supposes to be very simple. You may want to start by installing a disc )or screen) filter of 120 mesh (130 Micron) and a Pressure Regulator, to protect the entire drip system. 

Deploy the drip poly tube adjacent to the plants. 

Try to use Pressure Regulated Drippers or flow regulated drippers with the same flow rate.

Insert the drippers (if it is not an integral drip-line) into the poly tube. Start with one dripper for the little plants, up to 60 cm (2'), and then insert additional drippers accordingly for the larger plants. 

Thumb Rules for Length and Flow Rate of Garden Drip Lines

Poly tube diameter

Max. recommended
Ploy Tube length

Max. recommended
flow rate

8 mm


25 m


80 l/h

22 GPH

12 mm


45 m


180 l/h

45 GPH

16 mm


75 m


280 l/h

75 GPH






For sloping garden ground, there is concern that the water ginger down, so drippers should be placed high on the side of each plant. That will ensure the supply of water per plant. Try to place the drippers around the plant at equal intervals with distances not less than 35 cm (14") 

If you are using 3x5 mm PVC micro tubes (or LDPE) to extend the main ply tube, try to install short tube trams, conclude by inserting Dripeg to secure the location of each dripper, as well as for easy maintenance.

Run the system for an hour twice to 3 times a week. In desert and warm areas try to water twice a day for about 10 minutes, depending on the weather.

For specific plants, requiring intermittent wetting and drying at the roots zone such as cactus you should consider to install a separate drip irrigation line and irrigate it every 5 to 10 days, depending on the weather.

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