Brushaway Semi Automatic filters

Brushaway screen filters
For Semi-Automatic cleaning of 2” up to 14” screen filters

- Quick and efficient cleaning of manual filters in irrigation systems.
- Manual brush-cleaning by turn-of-a-handle, does not require system shutdown or touching the inner parts.
- Automatic brush cleaning by means of the "MBA" (Motorized Brushaway).
- Integral Clogging Indicator.
- Enable automatic brush-cleaning according To time.
- No more additional head losses through the entire filter.
- Available as a retrofit self assembly kit For usage with existing amiad filtration screen filters hq.

- Brushaway is suitable only for filtration grades: 200, 300 and 500 micron [40, 50 and 75 Mesh]
- Drip irrigation compatible
- Clogging Indicator, Each Brushaway Filter is equipped with a Clogging Indicator.

? How do the Brushaway filters really work?

The HQ BRUSHAWAY assembly kit consists of nylon brushes fitted on a special frame, inserted into the filter screen element. An external handle, while being rotated brushes away particles from the screen surface, simultaneously expels the particles out from the filter body. Brushing made during the irrigation filtration process without a need to cut the water supply.

"MBA” – motorized brushaway added assembly kits.

The MBA assembly kit includes a: motor a valve and an electronic controllers in 3 versions: 1 phase, 3 phases and DC 12V currents. The mba assembly kit can be assembled on top of any existing Amiad Steel filter range from 4" up to 8".

Brushaway and Scanaway filters technical data leaflet


 3"T Filter with Brushaway mechanism

 4"S Brushaway metal  Filter

 semi automatic brushaway filter plastic  semi automatic brushaway filter steel

 8" In-Line Brushaway Motorized Filter

motorized automatic brushaway filter steel  

Each Brushaway Filter is equipped with a Clogging Indicator

  Filter is clean, no action is required 

   Filter is clogged, a cleaning action is required 

clogging indicator, filter is clean  

clogging indicator, cleaning is required



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