Supertif ND SOL Dripper

SUPERTIF ND SOL 2.2 l/h [1000 un pack]

Rivulis Plastro
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SUPERTIF No Drain side Outlet online dripper

Flow regulated drippers supertif

No-drain, flow-regulated on-line dripper with Side Barbed outlet (SOL), matches 3x5 mm microtube. 
Flow rates: 2.2 l/h [0.6 gph] BROWN 
Diaphragm Opening pressure 0.3 bar [4.4 psi]  Closing pressure 0.15 bar [2.2 psi]
Applications: Green houses, Nurseries, Garden pots. also for  Vineyards and other pergola crops. Help preventing trickling over the pipes. Also for Pulse irrigation or short irrigation intervals, Drainage and run-off prevention. horizontal dripper.
Terrain conditions: sloping terrain, lateral emptying is prevented, and for Vineyards and other pergola crops.