4" M100-3,000 filter (M104-CL) molded screen sst, , electronic control, FILTOMAT

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4" M100-3,000 filter (M104-CL) molded screen sst, electronic control, FILTOMAT, Flanged Connections.

Filtomat Automatic Screen Filter by Amiad
4" M100-2,250 filter (M104-CL) ISO16, molded screen, 80 - 500 micron [180 - 30 mesh], electronic control, Filtomat. Max Flow Rate 100 m³/h [440 gpm] Min. flow for Flushing at 2 bar [30 psi] 22 m³/h [97 gpm] Reject water volume per flushing cycle 28 liter [7.3 gallon] Exhaust Valve 1.5" [40 mm] Min Working Pressure: 2 Bar 30 [PSI] Max Pressure: 8 Bar [116 PSI]
Screen area 3,000 sqcm [465 sqin]
M104-CL Filtomat IOM Installation Operation Maintenance User Guide
Filtomat by Amiad is suited for Irrigation, Idustrial and Municipal water filtration. Heavy duty construction and performance. Fully automatic flushing operation.
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