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Turbulent flow on-line dripper [1000 units pack]

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e1000 button dripper can be disassembled for cleaning

e1000 turbulent on-line dripper
Flow rates between 2.1, and 11 lph
[0.6 gph and 3.0 gph]

Multi-function outlet – for use with Rivulis Irrigation single, 2 & 4 way branching adapters

Operation pressure range: 0.8-2.5 bar - [12-36 psi

Applications: Citrus, Deciduous, Trees, Planters and Containers watering, Greenhouses, Nurseries, Sloping terrain, Home gardens

: ON PE tubes, use 2 mm [5/64"] punch tool
E1000 Open-able Cleanable Dripper leaflet

Rivulis Irrigation E1000 Dripper
E1000 Online Dripper
shown with 4-way
multi-branch adapter
The Rivulis Irrigation E1000 Online Dripper is a non-regulated dripper with several key features that allow you to create the right irrigation system for your operation. Starting with the E1000 Online Dripper’s two-part body construction, the E1000 can be disassembled and easily maintained in the field.
All of the E1000 Online Drippers have a multi-function port, providing numerous connection options for system components. Even the low profile of the E1000 Online Dripper helps to keep the irrigation system out
of the way of everyday work. And with the colour coding of the E1000 Online Dripper, you’ll easily know how to identify the flow rate.

Description Outlet Type Flow (lph) Outlet Colour Product Number
Rivulis Irrigation E1000 Dripper | 2 lph Multi-function outlet – for use
with Rivulis Irrigation single, 2 & 4 way branching adapters
2 Brown 201013383

• E1000 can be disassembled for cleaning
• Multi-function port allows use of different type of connectors
Technical Specifications
• Flow rates at 100 kPa: 2.0, 4.0, 8.0 lph
• Operating pressure range: 80–200 kPa
• Cover colour indicates the flow rate
• Installation: 2 mm punch tool

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