amiad old grooved disc 130 micron = 120 mesh
120 mesh= 130 micron amiad old disc sets

Replacement Disc Sets 130 micron [120 mesh] amiad old manual filters

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This disc sets will allow you to maintain amiad plastic and metal disc filters sold until year 2015.
Discs Outer diameter 128 mm & Inter diam. 104 mm
AMIAD "Old" discs are available only in 130 Micron [120 Mesh]

very limited stock available around the globe

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2"TS AND 3"T > 294 discs > 1.176 kg. in weight about 2.1 Kg. in Volume
2"T (Short)    > 181 discs > 0.724 kg. in weight about 1.3 Kg. in Volume