Rondo Mist Sprayer Ultra Conical, Head Only [100 un pack]

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Rondo Mist sprayer Ultra Conical Head Only

provides flexible installation options and numerous additional features.

Flow rates:
Black nozzle 0.85 mm  47 l/h [12.4 gph]
Blue nozzle 1.0 mm 61 l/h [16.1 gph]

Minimum working pressure:
with Anti-leak valve: 3.5 Bar [50 PSI]


Cutting propagation in nurseries and grow houses.

Rondo Mist sprayer Head only
Ultra Conic Rondo Mist Sprayer
Optional: Anti-Leak valveRondo mist sprayer head
Rondo & Tornado Mist Sprayer Leaflet, Metric

Rondo & Tornado  Mist Sprayer Leaflet, US

Rondo & Tornado Mist Sprayer Design Charts




Main features:

The Rondo mist sprayer is ideal for irrigating during seed
germination and cutting propagation. And the mist produced from both the Tornado and the Rondo mist sprayers can be used as climate control or to affect the humidity in greenhouses.

The Rondo mist sprayer produces an average droplet size of
150 microns and is suitable for inverted or upright installations. The Tornado delivers an uninterrupted 360 degree spray pattern and an average droplet size of 140 microns.