25 L/H PCJ-HF Bubbler Netafim

PCJ-HF-CNL PC Bubbler 20 to 40 L/H 10.6 to 21.1 GPH 1000 Bag

21500-0.5-PCJ-HF-CNL Bub_1000
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PCJ-HF-CNL Bubbler 20 to 40 L/H [ 10.6 to 21.1 GPH] 1000 un. Bag
For very sloppy terrains and for pulse irrigation where a high flow rate bubbler is needed. Mainly Dates and othe plants that need large amount of water daily

25 l/h [6.6 GHP] Netafim's PCJ Bubblerr Pressure compensated: Precise and equal amounts of water are delivered over a broad pressure range. 100% uniformity of water and nutrient distribution along the laterals.
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