S-050 Automatic Air Release Valve SEGEV ARI

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US NSF Certificate.

S-050 Plastic or Brass base

The SEGEV S-050 and S-050 B air release valve body made of high quality plastic, (plastic or optional BRASS base) all other mechanical parts are made of corrosion resistant materials.
Possible One Way (out) No Vacuum,  optional add on.
Pressure range: min 0.2 max. 16 Bar. [3 to 230 PSI] 

S-50 Irrigation water air valve available in sizes:
1/2" (15mm)
3/4" (20mm),
1" (25mm) BSPT/NPT threaded

S-050 Automatic Air release Valve Brochure ari valves  

S-050 Automatic Air Valve IOM Installation Operation & Maintenance ari, by aquestia 

S-050 PN 16  Automatic Air Release Valve ARI

The S-050 series Automatic Air Release Valve releases accumulated air from the system while it is under pressure. The presence of air in a water system can reduce the effective cross sectional flow area resulting in increased head loss and deceased flow. Unwanted air may also cause water hammer and metering inaccuracies, while hastening corrosion. In spite of its compact and light weight structure, the S-050 series Automatic Air Release Valve has a 12mm² orifice that enables it to release air at high flow rates and is not exposed to obstruction by debris.

- On most types of pumps.
- After filters, pressure reducers and fertilizer injection systems.
- On heads of landscape systems. S-050-C, S-052 additional applications:
- Water pipelines vulnerable to vandalism and/or water theft.
- Water systems found in remote areas.

The automatic air release valve releases entrapped air from pressurized systems.
Without air release valves, pockets of accumulated air may cause the following hydraulic disturbances:
- Restriction of effective flow due to a reduction of the flow area. In extreme cases this will cause complete flow stoppage.
- Obstruction of efficient hydraulic transmission due to air flow disturbances.
- Acceleration of cavitation damages.
- Increase in pressure transients and surges.
- Internal corrosion of pipes, fittings and accessories.
- Dangerous high-energy bursts of compressed air.
- Inaccuracies in flow metering.

purpose, air & vacuum valves are recommended as they have much larger orifices. However, air release valves will permit air to enter the system under vacuum conditions. If this is not desirable, specify the one-way out check valve.

Main Features
- Working pressure range:
S-050 0.2 - 16 bar
S-050-C 0.2 - 16 bar
S-052 0.2 - 25 bar
- Test pressure for the air valve is 1.5 times its working pressure.
- Maximum working temperature: 60°C.
- Maximum intermittent temperature: 90°C.
- The body is made of high strength composite materials and all operating parts are made of specially selected corrosion- resistant materials.
- The larger than usual orifice enables it to release air at higher flow rates than other automatic air release valves of its kind.
- The enlarged orifice and self cleaning rolling seal make it less exposed to obstruction by debris.
- The valve’s rolling seal mechanism design is less sensitive to different pressures than a direct float seal, thus enabling a one size orifice for a wide pressure range (from 0.2 up to 25 bar).
- Lightweight, simple and reliable structure.
- A discharge outlet enables removal of excess fluids. Valve Selection
- Available in male threaded sizes: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” - BSP / NPT
- S-050 is rated for 16 bar.
- S-050-C vandalism protected by a metal shell covering the air release component, rated for 16 bar.
- S-052 vandalism protected by a metal shell covering the air release component, rated for 25 bar.
- SG-10 For low pressures (0.2-10 bar)
- S-050 LP For low pressures (0.05-6 bar)
- S-050 B With a brass base (0.2-16 bar)
- S-050 V, S-050-C-V Vacuum check valve - Available as a valve that will only release air from the system and will not admit air to the system when negative pressure conditions occur. This characteristic is obtained by adding a check valve to the air outlet.

For best suitability, it is recommended to send the fluid chemical properties along with the valve request.
Upon ordering, please specify: model, size, working pressure, thread and flange standard and type of liquid.

As the system fills and is pressurized, the automatic air release valve functions according to the following stages:
1. Entrapped air, which accumulates at peaks and along the system, rises to the top of the air valve, which in turn displaces the liquid in the air valve body.
2. The float drops, unsealing the rolling seal. The automatic air release orifice opens and the accumulated air is released.
3. Liquid enters the valve and the float rises, pushing the rolling seal back to its sealing position.
Note: Automatic air release valves are designed to release air as it accumulates at peaks in pressurized systems. They are not recommended for vacuum protection or for discharging large volumes of air, because of their inherently small orifices.

S-50 Automatic Air Valves by ARI Foot Notes:

Patent, Rolling Seal Mechanism:
-  Significantly reduces obstruction by foreign particles and debris.
 - Release high rate of air. Air flow rates up to 160 M3H.
-  S-050 uses one size orifice for a large pressure range (max. 16 bar.(
- Auto self cleaning.

PS-050 Air valve Brochure ARI valvest