Woltamn Turbo-IR Type Water Meter - WPH

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TURBO-IR , Bermad
Water Meters
for Irrigation and Waste Water

= ARAD WST Waltman (flanges only, m3 scala only)

waltman turbo type water meter

Features and Benefits
■ Magnetic drive
■ Dry, vacuum sealed register
■ Option for “reed switch” sensor
■ Register can rotate 360°
■ Paddle wheel design prevents jamming and damage due to solid debris
■ Measuring element suits range of water meter sizes
■ Easy maintenance
■ Can be installed in any orientation
■ Low head loss.

 tutbo-ir water meter technical brochure

The TURBO-IR uses a multi-blade plastic paddle mounted at the top of the water passage, where disturbance from solids suspended in the water is minimal, permitting accuracy of metering in water containing up to 30% solid debris.
ONLY M3/H SCALES no gallon scales
Ideal for irrigation and waste water applications.

bermad TURBO-IR uses a multi-blade plastic paddle