S2000 Micro Sprinkler complete assembly [250 un pack]

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S2000 Micro Sprinkler complete assembly 250 Pack

provides flexible installation options and numerous
additional features. Spinner with detachable range limiter

Flow rates: 51  to 102 l/h - [13.5 gph to 27 gph]
Minimum working pressure: 2.0 bar [29 psi]
Recommended filtration: 130 to 200 Micron [80 to 120 mesh]
Applications: Under-tree irrigation.

S2000 Micro  Sprinkler complete assembly includes:
- Blue connector From a PE pipe to a 4x7 mm mini tube
- 4 x 7 mm by 60 cm PE mini tube
- 35 cm Stake (Kantal)
- Integral Anti Insect and ant devise

S2000 Micro sprinkler leaflet

Main features:
- Low to moderate irrigation application rate with gentle
  droplets - prevents run-off on non-penetrable soils
- Moderate to wide wetting range
- Uniform water distribution pattern
- Easy to take-apart for field maintenance and replacement of
  individual parts
- Spinners for different applications
- Available with anti-insect snap-fit cup
- Option: Rondo fan sprayer on single bridge with adjustable
  deflectors for 90˚, 180˚, 360˚ wetting patterns
- Protected against UV degradation
- Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers

- Flow rates: 51 lph to 102 lph - [ 13.5 Gph to 27 Gph]
- Recommended operation pressure: 2.0 bar [29 Psi]

Versatility - a wide choice of models and applications:
Single or double bridge frame
Installed in upright or inverted position
11 colour-coded nozzle sizes
3 assembly options with bayonet-mount nozzles:
- 3/8" thread [ 10 mm ] x conic female inlet

- Under-canopy irrigation in orchards
- On metal rods for vegetables irrigation
- In greenhouses, inverted overhead

Rondo leaflet

Rondo design technical data