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Welcome to the on-line drip and micro irrigation systems store! We provide professional consultation services and Top Brands Genuine Irrigation Equipment in a direct sale model. Site 25% Discount, We ship around the entire Globe.

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World wide Shipping helps growers around the globe get more out of their crops. We might be your reliable source for Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler irrigation equipment as well as Filtration and Control equipment. We ship around the globe directly from manufacturers, so we are able to offer you competitive pricing. Irrigation resellers are welcomed as well. Read our full irrigation catalog mini guide Than try to Contact us

On-line PC Drippers and Flow Regulated Drip Emitters. Irrigation design and mini sprinklers. Integral drip-lines 
Semi-Automatic Cleaning Screen Filters, Amiad Irrigation systems design. irrigation supply. Complete irrigation systems and Projects. Irrigation equipment on-line orders drip systems design and services. DIY Drip kits drip irrigation systems Irrigation design and projects Irrigationglobal’s expert designers will prepare a drip or sprinkler irrigation system which project proposal which will be is customized with regard to the particular requirements of your field. Irrigationglobal’s design and style aim to identify the balance between preliminary and operational expenditures (effort, labor) while optimizing the use of water.

The dripper inlet filter, located closer to the tube center, guarantees an excellent constant flushing treatment. 
The relatively small diameter drip line makes a better drip irrigation efficiency. Decrease retained water in the system, causing a shorter refilling time with less redundant drained water, on sloppy terrains, no excessive water wetting in the lower parts of the field. Competitive low cost drip irrigation and big saving on transportation volume and weight. Applications for hydro-pc drip irrigation: All kind of crops on sloping terrain. Drip irrigation systems in today's agriculture, is frequently integrated with plastic sheet, further diminishing evaporation, and is also a method of fertilizers delivery to the plants. This process called fertigation (fertilizer + irrigation).  Latest drip irrigation technology called hydro-pc, guarantee a wide, efficient labyrinth leading the water into a flow control cell, where a special diaphragm compensate the stream, and keeps a stable flow rate at changeable inlet pressures. hydropc drip line is highly resistant to clogging. We can supply your irrigation systems needs: DIY Agriculture DripKits also irrigation design services,drip irrigation, irrigation systems online sales, drip irrigation systems,

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Lear how to install DIY DripKits with Drip Irrigation Systems Installation Guide and also the Drip Irrigation Systems Maintenance Guide. free downloads  All rights reserved to YZ-IGCG.