tornado ray jet sprayer rivuilis irrigation

Ray Jet Sprayers Tornado

Ray Jet Tornado

Tornado, Turbulent flow jet stream sprayer
No moving parts to break, jam, or wear out. Introducing the Tornado Ray Jet stream sprayer, delivering more dependability in your orchard irrigation system. From young trees to established orchards, there's a Tornado Ray Jet that's right for you, rivuilis irrigation.

The Tornado Ray Jet stream sprayer uses a vortex nozzle which creates a turbulent water flow throughout the large water passage way. And with the turbulent flow and large water passage way, clogging hazards are minimized - Even at low flow rates.

Depend on Tornado Ray Jet.
Tornado Metric units Brochure 
Tornado US units Leaflet 
Tornado Comprehensive Product Guide 

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Tornado Ray Jet Sprayer complete Set / Station
250 assembled units box Includes:
- Ray Jet Sprayers
- Assembly meteor bodies
- 60 cm [24"]  4x7 Micro-tube trams
- Barb connectors to ldpe laterals
- 45 cm [18"] Cantal Stakes 201000851

Flow rates:
25  to 70 l/h - [6.6 gph to 18.5 gph]
Min. working pressure:
2.0 bar [29 psi] 

Applications: Under-tree irrigation, gardening
TORNADO Take Apart Ray Jet,

The Complete set Includes:
360 deg 12-Rey Jets Open-able (take-apart)
PE 4x7- 60 cm [24"] microtube
45 cm [18"] Cantal Professional Stake
Connector from a PE pipe to 4x7 mini tube

Optional: Flow regulation, achieving maximum uniformity

Tornado Take-Apart in Up-Right Position
Greater wetting area

 Tornado Take-Apart in Down-Right Position
Smaller wetting area

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2.8 Punch tool

Quick punching tool
Professional puncher for Rondo, Tornado 4x7 mm connectors and Katif drippers.
2.8 mm holes for 12, to 22 mm pe tubes
0.11" holes for 1/2"  to 7/8" po


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Super tali inserter for 7mm x 4mm microtube assemblies

Super tali semi automatic insertion tool.
inserter for various fittings and accessories inside 7x4 microtube, for ldpe and soft pvc microtubes.

7 mm microtube external diameter, 4 mm microtube internal diameter,