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Hydro PC Flow-regulated integral dripline
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PC mechanism, The diaphragm closes in
flat position and the driplines are drained.

The exclusive 12mm integral dripline with incorporated
flow regulated cylindrical drippers
Main features:
- A wide, effective labyrinth leading into the flow control
chamber, where a sensitive floating diaphragm regulates and
maintains a constant flow rate at variable inlet pressures.
- Resistant to clogging - The emitter inlet filter, placed close to
the dripline inside center, ensures an excellent continuous
flushing process.
- The small diameter dripline improves irrigation efficiency:
-  Reduced stored water, thus shorter refilling time and less
drained water
-  On slopes, no excessive wetting in the lower parts
- The small diameter dripline and the 600 m long reel allow
easy and efficient deployment and retrieval.
- Competitive price and great saving on transportation

- Highly durable dripline. Its small diameter improves its
resistance to physical damage.
- Conforms to emission uniformity standard ISO 9261
- Available in two models:
- PC 12 mm - 1.05 lph
- PC ND 12mm (No-Drain) - 1.05 lph
Keeps the driplines filled when water is turned off.
No-drain sealing pressure: 0.12 bar
- O.D: 12 mm; I.D: 10.4 mm
- Wall thickness: 0.6, 0.9,1.0 mm (25, 35 & 40 mil)
- Constant inside diameter (I.D.) regardless of drip-line wall thickness
- Maximum operating pressure according to wall thickness:
0.6 mm:
2.5 bar; 0.9 or 1.0 mm: 3.0 bar
- Color: black or white, available in purple for reclaimed water
- Emitter spacing: on request, from 15 to 100 cm
- Most suitable dripline for irrigation in tunnels and shade houses
- Ideal for drip irrigation in landscape and home gardens
- PC ND - Ideal for pulse irrigation in greenhouses

Its low profile makes the PC 12 mm a tailor-made
product for curved angular or narrow planting areas
>>Hydro PC 12 leaflet
>>Hydro PC design data