Drip products specifications

Design tables for drip irrigation products


Drip Irrigation method, also called drop by drop irrigation, and underground irrigation, pc drip emitterfunctions as its name imply. Drop by drop, water is distributed to the active root zone of plants. This method, if managed properly, might be the most water-supply-efficient way of irrigation, because runoff and evaporation reduced significantly. Drip irrigation in today's agriculture, is frequently integrated with plastic sheet, further diminishing evaporation, and is also a method of fertilizers delivery to the plants. This process called fertigation (fertilizer + irrigation). Latest drip irrigation technology called hydro-pc, guarantee a wide, efficient labyrinth leading the water into a flow control cell, where a special diaphragm compensate the stream, and keeps a stable flow rate at changeable inlet pressures. IG hydropc drip line is highly resistant to clogging. The dripper inlet filter, located closer to the tube center, guarantees an excellent constant flushing treatment.


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The relatively small diameter drip line makes a better drip irrigation efficiency. Decrease retained water in the system, causing a shorter refilling time with less redundant drained water, on sloppy terrains, no excessive water wetting in the lower parts of the field. Competitive low cost and big saving on transportation and logistics.
Applications for hydro-pc: All kind of crops on sloping terrain. Or where long run, drip lines are a must.