Fertilizers injectors

Technical specifications:
  Injection rate   Up To 320 liters/hr; 1.4 USgpm
  according To mains pressure.
Injector Unit Performance Graph
  Minimum pressure   0.5 bar; 7 psi
  Maximum pressure   8 bar; 115 psi
  Water consumption   3 times the quantity of the chemical
  injected. The installation of flow
  regulators will increase water
  Gross weight   5 kg (11lb) packaged
  Construction materials   Chemical-resistant engineering plastics;  
  stainless steel; Viton seals For parts in²
  contact with chemicals.


Fertilizer injector units 4-01 and 4-02

The Amiad Fertilizer and Chemical Injector units 4-01 and 4-02
require no external power supply. Their linear hydraulic motor is
powered by the hydraulic pressure of the
irrigation system. The units
are supplied with all the necessary pipes, fittings and accessories For
immediate operation. Control: The maximum injection rate of the
pump is proportional To the pressure in the main line, thus the
required injection rate is easily adjusted by throttling the injection
line. Each pulse injects 1/30 liters of chemicals - the liters of fertilizer
injected per hour = twice the number of pulses per minute.
designed for
drip systems and sprinklers and mini sprinklers irrigation.

  1. Drive water hand valve
2. Raccord connector
3. Drive water filter
4. Automatic cut-out 
5. Suction head
6. Air release valve
7. Injection line hand valve
8. Water exhaust


 Fertilizer Injector, Suction model  Fertilizer Injector, Gravity alimentation model  Fertilizer Injector, Duplex model
Fertilizer Injector, Suction model   Fertilizer Injector, Gravity alimentation model  Fertilizer Injector, Duplex model

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