D5000 Flow Regulated Drip Line

Irrigationglobal.com is proud to present the new Rivulis Irrigation D5000 Flow Regulated Drip Line. The worldwide launch of a drip line product reflects the commitment to the world of irrigatin systems for the agricultural sector as growers look for increased irrigation efficiency and technological improvements. 
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 D5000 flow regulated dripline

  • D5000 Flow Regulated Dripline specifically designed for desert conditions and applications, the D5000 is available in various configurations to meet the needs of growers.
  • Diameters of up to 27 mm make the drip line ideal for long run lengths often required in agricultural sectors such as vineyards, cotton and citrus.
  • Developed with a pressure regulating range of 0.5 – 3.5 Bar [7 - 50 PSI], this provides increased flexibility for growers.
  • The increased pressure envelope is highly useful when working with high pressure irrigation systems for long lateral lengths and undulating terrain where the pressure at bottom of slopes can easily build to over 3.5 Bar [50 PSI].
  • Five years of research and testing were undertaken to develop the rivuilis irrigation D5000 Drip Line.
  • Additional in-field trials were conducted around the globe to test the product in a wide range of conditions.
  • The results of all tests found that the D5000 Drip Line continued to provide high uniformity and resistance to clogging even where foreign particles were added into the irrigation water source.
  • When developing the D5000 Drip Line, the engineers specifically wanted to create a product that is highly resistant to clogging.
  • The result is the development of a drip emitter with three large inbuilt parallel inlets and a regulating labyrinth with larger cross section area.
D5000 flow regulated integral dripper parts 
  • The combination of these two features provides significant clogging reduction by creating more area for foreign particles to flow.
  • Increasing the product's reliability is a unique self cleaning function within the dripper itself utilizing an efficient process called pressure differential regulation. 
  • As dirt particles build up in the dripper pressure builds up against the top layer of the diaphragm.
  • A pressure imbalance is created causing the diaphragm to open to release the particles. Once the particles are released, the diaphragm resumes normal flow regulation.
  • Results of comparative clogging tests recently undertaken reveal that the Rivulis Irrigation D5000 is the most clog resistant mainstream drip line product on the market.

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