Drip Irrigation Emitters Types Definition

Drip emitter’s types and applications.
Review and analysis of the different types of irrigation Drip emitters known as Drippers

The main division is between: On-line Drippers and In-line Drippers also known as integral Driplines

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 drip emmiters and dripline types


inline drippers, driplines 

On-line Drippers  

In-line Drippers These drip emitters that are an integral part of the dripping laterals, and are creating a smooth and bump less ducts, allowing Quick and easy deployment and collection of the Driplines.

For example the following products:

 Hydrogol Inline integral dripline HydroGol 
 HydroBloom  HydroBloom Miniature dripline

In line itergral flat dripline HydroDrip Super


On-line Drippers These Drippers are mounted on top of lateral pipes, for example those Drippers:

 Supertif  On-Line dripper Supertif
 Katif  low profile flat pc online dripper katif

Online Turbolent dripper Tufftif




Usage of  in-line Drippers

Field crops, Greenhouses, Ornamental, Dense orchards and Citrus groves, Underground irrigation in agriculture and in lawn.


Driplines are factory fabricated with intervals and flow-rates according to specific project needs.



Usages of On-line Drippers:

Groves and Orchards where the amount of Drippers, spacious and location are set in during installation and throughout the years of agricultural growth by the grower.

Also used for watering crops in pots and containers in nurseries and landscaping. Usually with this type of Drippers it is also possible to use split outlets and many other flexible applications according to the needs of each project and crop.

splitted outlet online dripper


In the in-line Drippers area it is customary now to use three types of duct drip laterals:


- LDPE Low density polyethylene piping, consider being the most professional and also the most expensive lateral.

The drippers are assembled parallel within the pipe manufacturing process and drippers are usually cylindrical shaped and are 100% concealed inside the driplines.

- FLAT LDPE tubing produced in oval flat cross-section shape in order to save space/volume in transport and storage volume. Usually the dripper which are installed parallel to the pipe within the manufacturing process are relatively flat with relatively small profile to minimize flow disorders in the drip lateral.


This type of Driplines is more difficult to manufacture and is implemented only by the world's leading manufacturers.


Super dripline
 HydroDrip super dripline


Drip Tape:

This product typically is used for seasonal crops and field crops in large scale, as well as when the grower prefer to throw or recycle at the end of the season, Instead of scrolling, and reuse. Another use is as underground Driplines in seasonal row crops.



Typically the On-line Drippers are assembled on top of LDPE pipes. Common diameters are between 12 and 20 mm, Installation is usually accomplished by using a manual punch.

In some cases you can use automated machines for drip irrigation thrust low-profile as the Katif which is also used for field crops in places where there is production of LDPE and it is more practical and economical to purchase locally the pipes and install the Drippers in the destination country.





Drip micro accessories and Flow-equalizers
- Drip micro accessories Available with barbed or threaded outlets Typically match 3x5 mm micro-tubes



Dripline Accessories

Dripline Accessories



Drip irrigation line quality plastic valves

  Dripline Valves




Another division is common to do between Regular Drippers in which the flow-rate fluctuates with the change in pressure. these systems usually had to be planed so that working pressure differences between the various Drippers shall not exceed 7.5%


Pressure compensated Drippers, also known as PC or Flow Regulated Drippers which can self regulate constantly the flow-rate regardless of system pressure.

HydroPC  HydroPC dripline 
 D5000  D5000 flow regulated dripline


These Drippers have a great advantage for large fields and for areas with height differences. Design of pressure regulated drip systems is simpler and usually help to achieved uniformity of distribution among all the Drippers, and therefore to yields more production.

Pressure Compensated Drippers (PC) are manufactured for both On-Line Drippers” and In-Line Drippers