Tornado Ray Jet Openable (Take-Apart) Complete Assembled Set [250 un pack]

Rivulis Plastro
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Tornado Ray Jet Sprayer complete Set / Station
250 units box.

Flow rates:
25  to 70 l/h - [6.6 gph to 18.5 gph]
Min. working pressure:
2.0 bar [29 psi] 

Applications: Under-tree irrigation, gardening
TORNADO Take Apart Ray Jet,

The Complete set Includes:
360 deg 12-Rey Jets Open-able (take-apart)
PE 4x7- 60 cm mini tube
35 cm Cantal Professional Stake
Connector from a PE pipe to 4x7 mini tube

Optional: Flow regulation, achieving maximum uniformity

Tornado Take-Apart in Up-Right Position
Greater wetting area

 Tornado Take-Apart in Down-Right Position
Smaller wetting area

Tornado Ray Jet - SpecificationsFlow rates at 1,5 bar: 25, 34, 55, 70 l/h
Recommended operating pressure:
1,5-3,0 bar
Wetting patterns: 180˚ (8 jet streams),
300˚ (10 jets), 360˚ (8 or 12 jets)
Assembly configurations:
Tornado Ray Jet sprayer with 5 mm
threaded inlet stem - fits the 4x7 mm
feeder tube and the clip Hammer stake
Tornado Ray Jet sprayer with conic male
inlet stem - matches the Rivulis Meteor
adapter (#71) with conic female outlet
Take-apart vortex nozzle, assembled
with a ray jet grooved cap on the Rivulis
Meteor adapter (#46).
Fits spiked stakes. The Meteor adapter
is available with pressure-regulator.