katif driper in field
katif dripper in field

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Katif Flow-regulated self-flushing dripper  

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Katif Flow-regulated self-katif dripperflushing  dripper                                                                   

Outstanding flow uniformity over a wide pressure range
Self cleaning, flushes with initial water flow, minimizing clogging risk
Two water outlet versions: top or side outlet
Low silhouette, minimum protrusion from dripline
Drippers can be supplied either loose or pre-inserted on P.E. tubing
Flow rates: between 2.3, and 12 lph [0.6 gph and 3.2 gph]
Operating pressure range: 0.8-3.0 bar - [12-43 psi]

Installation: Inserted in 2.8 mm punched holes using a punch tool.
Applications: on sloping terrain or where long driplines are required

Katif Dripper Leaflet

Katif dripper design data

* for design purposes please read the enhanced technical information.


2.8 mm punching tool

  quick punch tool
quick punch tool  

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