Supertif parts
Supertif parts

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Supertif flow regulated online dripper
- Flow rates*: between 1.1 l/h [0.6 gph] to 25 l/h 
[6.6 gph]
- Operating pressure range*: 0.6 - 3.5 bar
[9 - 50 psi]
- Flow regulated dripper
- Adding more drippers when plant is growing

Supertif is available in 3 different outlet configurations:
- Raised conic outlet - compatible with Rivulis Irrigation Plastro’s multi-branched adapters
- SLB - Raised barbed outlet matches 3x5 mm microtube
- SOL - 90 deg.  barbed side outlet matches 3x5 mm microtube

ON PE tubes, use 2 mm [5/64"] punch tool

Supertif Leaflet

Supertif design data

Supertif ND [no drain] leaflet

Supertif ND[no drain] design data

Supertif special edition models....

* for design purposes please read the enhanced technical information.

2 mm punching tool

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