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Turbulent flow on-line dripper

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Product is suspended and not under production anymore

Tufftif Turbulent flow on-line irrigation dripper

Flow rates between 2.1, and 11 lph
[0.6 gph and 3.0 gph]

Operation pressure range
: 0.8-2.5 bar -
[12-36 psi

Applications: Citrus, Deciduous, Trees, Planters and Containers watering, Greenhouses, Nurseries, Sloping terrain, Home gardens

: ON PE irrigation tubes, use 2 mm [5/64"] punch tool

Main features:
- Unique labyrinth with a large cross sectional flow path provides a turbulent flow and ensures years of clog-free operation
- Raised port outlet - prevents water run-off along driplines, compatible with irrigationglobal.com multi-branched adaptors
- Manufactured from superior durable materialsTufftif with mini tube spikes and pegs
- Protected against UV degradation
- Resistant to chemicals and fertilizers commonly used in irrigation.
- Complies with emission uniformity category A (ISO 9261)
- 4 color-coded flow rates*:
 Brown - 2.1 lph
 Black - 4.1 lph
 Green - 8.0 lph
 Red - 11.3 lph
* At inlet pressure of 1.0 bar [14.5 psi]

- Two inlet irrigation configurations:
- Barbed inlet - for online insertionTufftif dripper with 4 outlets
- Threaded inlet - for flow rate 2.1 lph, matches 3x5 mm micro-tubes

* for irrigation design purposes please read the enhanced technical information.

2 mm punching tool

2 mm puncher for supertif and tufftif
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