4" Galaxy SK Disc filters up to 36" Batteries

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>960 m3/h [4230 gpm] SPIN KLIN BATTERY AMETHYST

Galxy Spin Klin battery with 4" plastic valves, Poly X 12"  PP MANIFOLD

Spin Klin filtration Technology

Flow rates range: 240 M3/h to 2,500 M3/h [1,000 to 11,000 gpm]
Hydraulic plastic valves with 3 way valves.
Filtration grades range: 40 to 600 mesh [400 to 20 Mic]
Spin Klin battery shipped for Plug & Play installation, Includes: Flushing controller (220/110 VAC & 12 VDC), Pressure relay, Solenoids, Tubing, Valves, 12" PP Manifolds & Support legs.
Battery is shipped assembled with Manifold upper inlet.
Spin Klin Galaxy Technical leaflet 

Spin Klin Automatic filtration and Flushing by Arkal Amiad.
Spin Klin AKF disc filters, automatic back flush spin clean technology
Galaxy Spin Klin Spare Parts Ordering Catalog  
Galaxy spin Klin Discs Filters, performance and recommendation:

Galaxy spin Klin Discs Filters, performance and recommendation, Arkal Amiad