RFR Rondo Flow regulated mini sprinkler, complete standard set [ 250 un pack]

Rivulis Plastro
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Rondo, Flow regulated mini sprinkle complete Station RFR/
250 units box

rondo rfr complete set

Flow rates:
23  to 95 l/h -
[4.8 gph to 9.7 gph]

Minimum working pressure:
2.0 bar
[29 psi]

Applications: Under-tree irrigation on sloping terrain or where long laterals are required.

The RFR mini sprinkler complete set includes:
- Blue connector From a PE pipe to a 4x7 mm mini tube
- 4 x 7mm by 60 cm PE mini tube
- 35 cm Stake (Kantal)
Rondo RFR mini sprinkler

Two color-coded spinners for RFR:
Gray Spinner for upright position
Red Spinner for inverted position.
Optional: detachable built-in range limiter on the gray spinner provides a restricted wetting diameter of 50-60 cm

 Rondo RFR flow regulated leaflet

Rondo RFR Technical design data

Rondo Anti Insect Protection Cup



Main features:
Ensures constant flow rate under the most challenging topographical conditions - Low irrigation application rate with gentle droplets.
Provides a constant flow rate over a wide pressure range.  Rondo Flow  Regulated micro sprinkler  (RFR Plastro) whole standard set.

 RFR Complete standard set includes: Minimum order 50 units: RFR mini sprinkler, upright position spinner, 35 cm [14"] Stabilizing stake, 4x7 [9/32"] PE tube and coupler that feet any low density PE pipe.

Flow rate


Wetting diameter

23 l/h [4.8 gph]

= black

0.85 mm  [0.033"]

4.0 m [13 feet]

30 l/h [5.2 gph]

= blue

1.05 mm  [0.041"]

5.5 m [19 feet]

41 l/h [6.0 gph]

= dark blue

1.10 mm  [0.043"]

5.7 m [19 feet]

53 l/h [6.8 gph]

= green

1.20 mm  [0.047"]

6.4 m [21 feet]

70 l/h [8.0 gph]

= red

1.40 mm  [0.055"]

8.0 m [26 feet]

95 l/h [9.7 gph]

=  white

1.60 mm  [0.063"]

8.4 m [28 feet]


RFR more detailed information

Rondo RFR flow regulated leaflet

Design technical data Rondo flow regulated

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