3" 1600 cm2 Mini Sigma Self Cleaning Automatic Screen Filter

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3" 80 mm > 50 m3/h [220 gpm]  3" Mini Sigma Automatic self-cleaning filter. Single screen filter.

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3" Automatic self-cleaning filter, electronically controlled.
Flange or Grooved connections.
Sigma Amiad Screen technology.
Max. Flow rate: 50 M3/h [220 gpm]
The 3" Mini Sigma is supplied with the piston cover disassembled in order to allow courier delivery.
Screen information: Filtration degrees: 50 Micron [300 mesh] to 500 Mic [40 mesh]

Screen Area



1600 sq cm

500 mm

108 mm

248.0 sq in



Mini Sigma Amiad's scanaway flushing screen technology.
3" Mini sigma packaging information: 135x36x52cm [6.6"x2.1"x2.1"]  25 Kg. [62 Lbs.] 
3" Mini Sigma Filter Amiad Brochure
3" Mini Sigma Filter Amiad Drawing PDF 
3" Mini Sigma Filter On-Line Amiad Drawing DWG AutoCAD Download.  
yearly maintenance spare parts kit includes




3" On-line Mini Sigma 50 to 500 micron weavewire screen, electronic control ADI-P
3" Angle Mini Sigma 50 to 500 micron weavewire screen, electronic control ADI-P
135x36x52cm 22 kg.

Thermal cover for mini Sigma products. NEW
Cover help to diminish possible freezing damages.

Thermal Cover for Mini Sigma Filters Antifreeze amiad