NETAKIT DIY Drip, Sprinklers, Nutrition and Control Kits,

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NETAKIT DIY drip, Sprinklers, nutrition and control Kits.  Netafim COVERING ALL IRRIGATION BASES Recognizing these rapidly-evolving industry changes, Netafim offers NetaKit.
A comprehensive, all-in-one irrigation solution for growers of all sizes, NetaKit is redefining irrigation-system acquisition. Bringing several Netafim systems under one umbrella.
NetaKit simplifies the search, purchase and installation process for growers, providing them with a user-friendly, cost-efficient single-vendor offering that meets their unique requirements.
pressure pump or elevated tank for netakit operation
Each NetaKit system comes in a single, compact package that includes all of the “hardware” needed to get things up and running
– valves, filters, connectors, dripperlines/sprinklers, distribution pipes and accessories. Equipped with a detailed yet user-friendly
instruction manual along with system-specific irrigation information, NetaKit ensures easy, rapid and efficient installation.
Working across a range of low and high pressures, NetaKit systems utilize diverse energy sources, including solar/diesel,
electrical pump and gravity, to keep energy costs down. Part of Netafim’s market-leading line of drip- and micro-irrigation
solutions, NetaKit also increases water savings while promoting sustainable productivity.
■ Comprehensive offering
■ Efficient, compact packaging
■ All-in-one system “hardware”
■ Easy-to-install units
■ Low-cost energy sources
■ Low-risk, field-proven systems
■ Multi-application, -crop, -size plot coverage
■ Higher quality yields
■ Greater water savings
■ Lower energy costs
■ Increased cost efficiency

DripK Drip irrigation system for open-field vegetable/row-crop plots and orchards
ranging from 250 m² to 10000 m² (10.0 ha)
SprinK Sprinkler system for open-field vegetable/row-crop plots of up to 1.0 ha
HeadK Complete head control system for drip, sprinkler/micro-sprinkler and other
irrigation systems for open-field, orchard and greenhouse crops
NutriK Complete Nutrigation™ systems for open-field and orchard crops.