Molded weavwire screen s/st316L 1600 SQ. CM. for 3" Mini sigma & 6"/8" Sigma Pro

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Molded Screen for 3” Mini Sigma & 6"/8" Sigma Pro 1600 (including 2 O-Rings [260  Sq. Inch]
The 6" and 8" Sigma Pro contain 5 Screen element per each filter unit.

for amiad semi automatic & manual screen filters

Sigma Filters Amiad Screens
for creation of a large filtration area relative to its size and handling of high flow rates per area Suction-scanning ready screen technology. Amiad automatic screen filtration.

Molded SST Screens for 3" Mini sigma & 6"/8" Sigma Pro (need 5 screens) 1600 [260 Sq. In.] amiad original spare parts