DG-10 Combination Air Valve PN10

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1/2" - 3/4" - 1" and 2" DG-10 Combination Air Valve for Agriculture PN10

The DG-10 series PN 10 Combination Air Valve has the features of both an air release valve and an air & vacuum valve. for Agriculture usages. 1/2" - 3/4" - 1" and 2" DG10 10 Bar [145 PSI] Combination air valves.
*Triple function Air Valve:
- Air release while filling pipe lines & components
- Air release while draining pipe lines & components
- Air release of dissolved air in water when temperature change.
* Also air suction at any vacuum condition.
The air release component is designed to automatically release small pockets of air to the atmosphere as they accumulate along a pipeline or piping system when it is full and operating under pressure. The air & vacuum component is designed to automatically discharge or admit large volumes of air during the filling or draining of  pipeline or piping system. This valve will open to relieve negative pressures whenever water column separation occurs. Working Pressure 10 Bar [146 PSI]
Available models DG-10 Combination Air Valve Brochure ARI Valves : Reinforced Nylon, stainless Steel & Brass base.

Combines the features of both an air & vacuum valve and an air release valve.
Triple function:

Air & vacuum component discharges large volumes of air during filling of the system.
Air & vacuum component admits large volumes of air during drainage and at water column separation.
The air release component releases entrapped air in pressurized systems.
Dynamic design allows for high velocity air discharge while preventing premature closure.
Innovative rolling seal mechanism.
Available in sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1"  & 2" threaded male connections, NPT or BSPT.
Materials and Corrosion Protection

The body is made of high-strength composite materials.
All operating parts are made of specially selected, corrosion- resistant materials.
D-040-C body is protected by a shell made of Cast Iron ASTM A48 CL.35B.
Application Range

Working pressure range: 0.2-16 bar.
Maximum operating temperature: 60°C.
Maximum intermittent temperature: 90° C.
For installation:

At pump stations
Downstream and upstream of shut-off valves After deep-well pumps
On long constant-sloped pipeline segments
At peaks along the pipeline and at peaks relative to hydraulic gradient.
Additional protective shell for anti-vandalism/theft applications.
Available in: PN 16 – DN15, 20, 25 ,50

The ARI D-040 air valve is available in the following options: • D-040 1”& 2” - reinforced nylon body and base• D-040 B 1”& 2” -reinforced nylon body and brass base• D-040 C 1”& 2” - ductile iron shell and base (1”base - brass)• D-040 ST. - reinforced nylon body and stainless steel base• D-040 ST ST - stainless steel body and stainless steel base- D-040 LP air valve is designed for very low pressure systems with a maximum working pressure of PN 6 - DG-10 air valve is designed for low pressure systems with a maximum working pressure of PN10- D-040 HT air valve (rated PN10) is designed for hot water systems with a max. working temperature of 90°C.