Electronic Upgrade Kit Filtomat M300 Piston Type

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Upgrade Kit for an Hydraulic controler or old electronic controller All Fitomat M300 models: 

ADI-P Smart phone Operated Flushing upgrade kit for Single M300 Filter.

New controller with smartphone flushing management application

Conmversio Kit for M300 Filtomat filters piston type with Hydraulic controller or old with the Old electronic controller. All necessary parts and assembly instructions are included in this amiad upgrades plug and play kit.

IOM Filtomat M300 Piston type Filters control Upgrading to Electronic Controller ADI-P Conversion kit

Amiad's ADI-P controller - a Bluetooth Operated Controller for Controlling a Single Filter.
The system consists of two major components, the ADI-P Controller and the Mobile Application.
The ADI-P controller can be supplied in two different configurations: as an integral component of a new filtration system where the controller is already connected to the filter and configured for that specific filter model or as a stand-alone unit to be connected and configured for an existing installed filter.
This document covers the product's both configurations.
Getting to know the ADI-P Controller:
Take few moments to familiarize yourself with the ADI-P components:

smartphone filter flushing controller adi-p amiad

 1. ADI-P Panel for manual flushing button and indication leds
2. 3-Way 12VDC solenoid latch
3. Solenoid's Manual Operation Handle
4. ADI-P Cover
5. 8 mm Pressure Input