3/4" [20 mm] Dose-O-Mat Automatic Metering Valve

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DOSE O MAT Automatic Metering Valve  Model K. Body K 3/4”
Flow Rate up to 1.6* m3/h [6.6 GPM] 
Minimum Flow Rate 0.07* m3/h [0.36 GPM]  * accoridng to model dial.
material: reinforced plastic and sst, nominal size 20mm
Connections BSPT male thread A17180330 A17180530 
AMV Dose-O-Mat 3/4" [20mm] brochure &  instructions 

New Dial 0 to 70 US Gallon
3/4" [20mm] DOSE-O-MAT is a water automatic batch controller. Excellent solution to fill small pools, large tanks, vessels, mining activities and any work with predefined needed volume of water. This tiny AMV automatic water flow meter and shutoff valve is a professional solution for cement and concrete batching. Larger models, up to 12" are available as well. Metric and US Gallon dials

Technical Specifications:
Volume based irrigation device, consisting of a water meter, a volume control dial and a valve all contained in a single unit.


0.25 & 1 M3, 70 or 250 USG

2.0 & 10 M3 - 500 USG

Min. Flow Rate

0.07 m3/h  [0.31 GPM]

0.10 m3/h [0.44 GPM]

Max. Flow Rate

0.50 m3/h  [6.61 GPM]

1.6 m3/h [7.00 GPM]

Min. Working Pressure

0.5 Bar  [7.25 PSI]

0.5 Bar [7.30 PSI]

Max. Working Pressure

10.0 Bar    [145 PSI]

10.0 Bar [145 PSI]

Max. Working Temperature 60°C  [140 °F]

Length 130mm [5.1"]  Width 102mm [4.0"]  Height 86mm [3/4"] Weight 0.33 Kg  [0.85 Lbs]

Dose-O-Mat, Arad model K, operation instructions,
Start-Up Operation.

NOTE: There must be available flow through the Dose-O-Mat valve and system to check and adjust valve. Insure that a downstream demand is created by opening field valves, sprinklers, etc. Please verify that the unit is installed according to the flow direction ! (arrow on the top body).  
 1. Close main valve by fully turning setting knob (1) on top of the valve counter-clockwise until dial face is on zero exactly in front of the body arrow (2) and clicks.

2. Open fully the upstream gate valve but open gate the downstream gate valve only slightly (if applicable). Main valve should remain closed.

3. Slowly turn setting knob (1) on top of the valve.
Turn it counter-clockwise to the desired volume on the dial face aligning the desired volume with arrow (2)
on the valve body.

4. Open the downstream gate valve fully (if applicable) and valve should open completely for normal

 operation instructions dose-o-mat arad amv model k

3/4" [20mm] Dose-O-Mat available dials:
US Gallon: 70, 250 & 500
Metric M3: 0.250 (250 liter) 1.0 , 2.0 & 10.0

3/4" Dose O Mat unit packaging information:
64 units fits into 53x53x53cm > 34.0 kg. box.

Each unit:
Weight: 0.65 Kg.
Box dimensions: 20x13x13 CM


6 units packaging information:
3.0 Kg.
43x22x11 cm

Dose-O-Mat 3/4" [20mm] internal assembly draft

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